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Col. Bruce Hampton YouTube video shows the moment he collapsed onstage at the Fox

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Col. Bruce Hampton at the start of his 70th birthday show on May 1, 2017, at the Fox Theatre. Photo: Melissa Ruggieri/AJC

Col. Bruce Hampton, known as Atlanta’s “Granddaddy of the Jam Scene” turned 70 on April 30 and performed at the “Hampton 70” gathering in his honor.

During the four-hour show’s encore of “Turn on Your Lovelight,” Hampton collapsed onstage and was later pronounced deceased.

A fan’s video showing the moment of Hampton’s collapse emerged briefly on YouTube. It’s since been taken down. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution viewed but did not post the clip.

“I didn’t know whether or not I should even post this video now that I have learned the sad news. But it does show him singing and having a blast with his friends on stage for one last time. R.I.P. Col. Bruce,” the amateur videographer posted. 

Indeed, the horrible moment occurs several minutes into the final rocking number. Tragically, the music continues for a while after Hampton’s collapse. The low lighting, crowded stage and configuration of the musicians probably kept people from realizing immediately what had happened. The video ends abruptly as everyone (perhaps the fan who posted it included) becomes aware of Hampton’s situation.

The family has asked for privacy.


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