Usher’s mom extending Christmas cheer to those in need

Jonnetta Patton.

Jonnetta Patton.


Usher’s philanthropy in his Atlanta hometown is well documented.

But his mom, Jonnetta Patton, also extends a hand whenever possible.

On Friday morning, Patton will host a Christmas breakfast for Mary Hall Freedom House and provide 10 women and their children with food and gifts from their Christmas wish lists.

The event at Rivercliff Lutheran Church in Sandy Springs is being presented by J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator, the kitchen space Patton opened earlier this year to assist fledgling culinary entrepreneurs.

Patton, who spent years working in the music industry and managing Usher and his brother, producer J Lack, will work with more than 30 volunteers on Friday to facilitate the breakfast.

J’s Kitchen’s member chefs, including certified master chef Daryl Shular, chef Erica Barrett of Southern Culture Artisan Foods and Julie Coates of Tropical Delights Catering, will provide food.

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