Bankroll Fresh shooting prompts reaction from T.I., 2 Chainz

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Bankroll Fresh.
Bankroll Fresh.

Bankroll Fresh.

Following the shooting death of fledgling rapper Bankroll Fresh outside of an Atlanta studio Friday night, T.I. took to Instagram to express his anger at the situation.

“The list of young talented kids who died before they could really get a chance to make it,gettin longer than the ones who actually DO get to MAKE IT,” Tip said in his posting, which you can read below (warning: language).

Fellow Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz, with whom Bankroll Fresh (real name ) was affiliated, shared his grief on Twitter.

Read our news coverage of the shooting.

Others in the Atlanta hip-hop community turned to social media to remember Bankroll Fresh as well.

Bankroll Fresh was known for his 2014 single, “Hot Boy,” as well as his mixtape, “Life of a Hot Boy.” Last month he released a video for the song, “Poppin’ S***.”

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