Watch sheep sing Queen song in Super Bowl commercial

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Sing it, sheepy!
Sing it, sheepy!

Sing it, sheepy!


Singing sheep?

Yes, please.

Honda has tapped the Queen classic, “Somebody to Love,” to tout the truck-bed sound system of its Ridgeline truck and the Super Bowl spot will likely be one of the, “Did you see that commercial?” talkers on social media.

Something tells me that Freddie Mercury would get a chuckle out of seeing a herd of woolly heads hitting his high notes – and doing it on the sly after a farmer gets out of earshot.

Another classic rock throwback will be featured in the Super Bowl ad for Acura’s NSX. How about a little Van Halen to go with your nachos?

The spot features the isolated vocals of David Lee Roth’s yelps and screams from “Runnin’ with the Devil” before the pulsing intro to the song kicks in.

“Oooh yeah! Whooo!”

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