Ciara’s dress causes controversy at College Football Championship game – but what about her vocals?

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What was worse - the dress or the vocals? Photo: Getty Images.


Russell Wilson quickly demonstrated that he was proud of his girl after she sang the national anthem before Monday’s College Football Playoff Championship game by tweeting an enthusiastic, “…sounded amazing and looked flawless!”

But Ciara’s performance and wardrobe prompted a different reaction from many in the sports industry (and the social media court of public opinion).

Former ESPN sideline reporter Bonnie Bernstein voiced her disapproval of the Atlanta singer’s low-cut dress and suggested she “cover up.”

Then Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock went on a multi-tweet rant about Ciara’s outfit being “inappropriate.”

Frankly, they should have directed their ire at Ciara’s mediocre-at-best rendition of the song. She was husky and overwrought in some spots, flat in others and hit the song’s trickiest note about as well as I would have – which is to say, not at all.

You be the judge – of her outfit and her vocals.

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